Red deer is the most important game species of Hungary. In numbers Western-European populations are also important, but quality is represented by Central-European populations with Hungary on the lead.

Hungarian range:

The most important and best deer population of the country can be found in Southern-Transdanubia in Zala, Somogy and Baranya counties. The deer in Western- and Northern-Transdanubia as well as the ones in the Northern Mountain Region are medium quality. The excellent quality comes from the optimal habitats for red deer as well as conscious game management. Red deer prefers thick oak and black locust forests as well as boscages and planted forests with an appropriate shrub level and with neighbouring agricultural lands which provide cover and feeding places at the same time.

Trophy: a pair of antlers which the stags cast annually. Five out of the ten first trophies of the world rank list were taken down in Hungary.

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